No (reported) Speed Cameras

Jun 7, 2024
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From the first day that i bought subscription to TomTom Go I don't see speed cameras. I was recently on a trip to Serbia and I did see Average Speed Camera on a highway, but not so much Fixed Speed Cameras, and I don't see any here in Bosnia.

TomTom Support thinks that they just are not reported. That could be true, but it's unusual that no one had reported them. They suggested that I start reporting them, and I have no problem with that, except that I don't have that functionality on Android Auto. I was recently in a car when someone else was driving, so I used that opportunity to report one speed camera on TomTom mobile app.

Does anyone know how that reports work? Do many people need to report one single camera so that TomTom evaluate that information, and to update Speed Cameras? Or my single report is enough?
How much time is needed to see that reported camera in the Go app?

Do you see Speed Cameras when you just open the Go app and browse the map, or you need to be in navigation/routing mode to see them?
If you are not in navigation mode, but you drive with map opened, do you see cameras, and do you have warnings?

How good is TomTom cameras coverage where you live, compared to, for example, RadarBot app?
RadarBot has very accurate data here where I live, but TomTom has nothing.

Are Speed Cameras information integrated into offline map, or it works only if I'm online in that moment? So If I travel into another country where I don't have internet connection will I see Speed Cameras in the Go app after I cross the border?

I did use Mapshare web tool to report some changes on the map (one-way streets), less than month ago, and now I see that one is in status "accepted" and three are in status "fixed". So that works great. I don't know how much time is now needed to get that updated changes in offline maps. How often do we get new updated offline maps to download?
On Tomtom GO the speed cameras are not visible on the map if you have not planned a route.
However, speed cameras are visible on the map even without a planned route on the amigo app.
However, speed cameras are visible on the map even without a planned route on the amigo app.
I tried to see this, but I can't see any camera on AmiGo also. Then I found this article on help.tomtom, in Settings under Warnings I have only Hazards and Speedings. I don't have section Safety Cameras.

Do you have section Safety Cameras?
What could be the reason that I don't have that?
I'm from France, here's what I have on Amigo.

This is what I have for that location.


And this is what I have in Settings, under Warnings. No category for Cameras.

click on danger then traffic restriction, what have you selected?

I selected (always.) for all.
The speed cameras are announced in real time so are you only able to see them relative to your current position?

Can you search for a speed camera near your current location.
That is what I was trying to do, to use AmiGO too see are there any cameras near my current position. Because I don't see any in TomTom Go, so if AmiGO can show them when I just browse the map (TomTom Go apparently don't show cameras in that way) I wanted to see are there any around me. And I didn't find any even on AmiGO. I don't know how wide is that area around me that AmiGO will show us speed cameras, but if there is such a limit then that will explain why I have different map display for your location in France.

In AmiGo (and in TomTom Go) I have traffic data, and closed roads, and that data (also online realtime data) are very accurate. But no Speed Cameras. At least around me. So maybe there are no Speed Cameras data for Bosnia and Herzegovina, or something is stuck in delivering that realtime data to me :)

Can you see Speed Cameras on web map?
I am trying to determine are there any cameras for Bosnia.

I did report one of them few days ago in my town using phone TomTom Go app. I don't know how much time is usually needed for confirmation and displaying that camera in the app.

I will gladly report speed cameras as I past them in the future, but in this new car that I have I use Android Auto for navigation (music...) and we can't report Speed Cameras on Android Auto TomTom Go. At least yet. I hope that Google will lift that restriction, if that is a restriction, otherwise I hope that TomTom developers will find a way to enable that on Android Auto.
In the latest days, I have just seen the title of this theme. But yesterday I noticed that TomTom GO (Android) didn't warn me about two (out of six) speed cameras on my route. Until now, it always did.
Immediately after I came home, I opened the website and checked if the speed camera had been removed on TomTom maps. But it was there. I don't know, why the app didn't warn me.
Maybe they have problems with this in those days.
On what website address can you see locations with speed cameras? Can you also give me one of those exact location, so that I can see how cameras looks on the map?
Thank you, I see speed cameras on your URL.

But...if I "visit" Croatia, for example Zagreb, on the map, or Bosnia, then in layer settings "speed camera" is disabled, it can't be enabled. It works in Slovenia, and Austria, and Italy, and probably in other countries.

Try to zoom on Zagreb, then refresh map in the web browser, and then try to enable layer for speed cameras.

Or open your URL from previous post, enable speed camera, then move the map to Zagreb, you will see speed cameras, but after you disable layer for speed cameras try to enable iz again. I can't enable it again.

Is it bug in

Last week I was on a vacation in Croatia (from Bosnia), and although there are many speed cameras in Bosnia on that route (RadarBot app was working great and reported about them) none of them is in TomTom speed camera data. But soon after I entered Croatia TomTom was reporting speed cameras the same as RadarBot. So TomTom have no speed cameras for Bosnia :(

The speed camera coverage from TomTom web page for Bosnia state "Partial coverage", but I'm still waiting to see even one of them :)

Are speed camera data based only on user reports?
Or TomTom has also another ways to collect data about speed cameras?

It's unusual that users did not report cameras in Bosnia.
And also that does not allow to enable "Speed Cameras" in Layers settings over Bosnia (and Croatia).
UPDATE (a forum error at 5:50):
Try next steps:
1. Open my previous link in Slovenia.
2. Enable Speed Camera layer
3. Move to Zagreb (Croatia) and zoom - I checked on crossing Slavonska avenija and Avenija Marina Držića for example.
And Speed Cameras are there. But if I didn't come from Slovenia and open just a link:,16.00597,14.79
Then I can't enable the Speed Camera layer.
Maybe you should ask the TomTom support team.
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