Night Mode / Light Sensor Malfunction?

Try connecting it to home and disconnecting it. For some reason this help me out when I updated.
My 910 did this also I thought that it was due to the other problems that I was having. TT Tech said that I need to set up the unit but it had been doing this all along before the last update.
I have had two units do this. I have yet to find a solution, other than return it to the store. This is no solution, of course, since it wastes time, and of course, my new activation becomes worthless.
Had the same thing happen again yesterday. I followed the steps on your link Pedro2Nr and it solved the problem......again.
Solved Light Sensor problem...

For quite awhile, I too was getting the infamous 'light sensor malfunction'. I thought I may have a bad windscreen mount dock. I went out and bought a FM windscreen mount dock. I discovered after connecting the FM windscreen mount dock that the TT910 would not see it. Also, my ipod was not recognized by the TT910. After further investigation, I found that one connector pin was bent on my TT910. I think I might of bent it when I was cleaning my TT910. After bending back to its original position, everything started to work perfectly. The light sensor problem went away, now works as advertised. The FM windscreen dock mount is now seen. I might add, the sound from the FM windscreen dock mount to my car radio sounds great! Also, my TT910 powers ON when I plug in my DC adapter, which I lost because of the bent pin.
All along I thought it was caused by the latest firmware, was I wrong. Hope this helps.
Glad to hear you found a solution benc4u. Perhaps others who have had similar problems might find your experience helpful. I also found a potential solution for some people experiencing the night screen/day screen problem. Select the "use day colors" option under preferences on the first menu page. If you are offered a selection to use night view when dark accept it and the tt should function properly. If you do not receive this menu option go to the brightness option on page three of my screen and select "switch to night view when dark" (or something like that). I dealt with that issue for some time. When it was night and I selected night view I locked my tt to that so there were no day colors at all. During the day I would accept day and of course I was locked to day and night did not automatically display. For some reason the use night view gets turned off at times. Of course the tt was doing what I had told it.
Glad to hear that you are enjoying your FM mount. I am sure others may have some questions for you.

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