New XL Live is very slow to calculate routes

Sep 26, 2010
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Just bought a new XL Live IQ as I'm doing a lot of commuting between Manchester and London.

I've had a ONE Europe for 4 years which my wife is keeping.

IMy problem is that the new TT seems very slow to calculate routes.
My old TT took about 15 secs to calculate the Manchester to London route. My new XL takes 2mins! and then, of course when I say yes I don't want to go on the M6 toll, it takes another 2 mins to recalculate.

I tried it between Croyden and Baslidon this morning.It took 30secs to work out the route and when I deliberately went the wrong way it took about the same time again, but having passed a major junction it started to recalculate again...

I can imagine being taken off a motorway due to traffic, and going a couple of m iles before it re-routes and says I should have gone right at the roundabout I went straight on at, 30 secs after I left the motorway.

Is this the norm for this TT?

Given that it's 4 years newer than the new one it just seems a bit strange.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Additional info.

SW version is 9.058 and the distance of the journey that takes 2 mins to calculate is 230 miles long.

I'm not asking for a fix, just whether anybody elses unit is the same and if happened after an update or whatever.

Your new unit is taking a far greater number of factors into consideration when doing the route planning. Your older unit didn't support IQ Routes, even with updated firmware.

The new unit (which does support IQ Routes) is using historical data on road speeds that is embedded in the map data (sliced and diced, we believe, by day of week and in 15 minute segments) to determine the fastest approach to your destination. Your old unit just made assumptions about the fastest route based upon some very broad rules of thumb about road type vs. speed, and the ETAs were notoriously pessimistic back then.

FWIW, they both use the same 266MHz processor.

If you generally don't want to deal with toll roads, you can eliminate that up front in your "route planning" configuration with "never", and only change to "always" or "ask" when appropriate to a specific journey. That will eliminate the need to replan.
Thanks for that.

I have turned IQ off and it saved about 20 seconds, so not much of a benefit.

The news about the processor is more interesting as the unit is now doing a lot more, especially since the advent of LIVE and having to take traffic conditions into consideration as well as IQ, although it doesn't appear to make much difference if It has acquired the LIVE signal or not.

This is a bit of a deal breaker for me as that is just too long for recalculations.

Are the GO models any faster?

Thanks for that.

I have turned IQ off and it saved about 20 seconds, so not much of a benefit.
No, especially if it saves you a lot more than 20 seconds by planning a better route!;)
Are the GO models any faster?
Yes, they're running 400MHz processors. That's one of the reasons that my most recent acquisition was a GO740. I didn't want anything slower than my old 720.
The built in Flash Memory fitted in these devices isn't the fastest by any means, with the Go products you can speed up route calculation by using a good quality high speed memory card to store the map. In the case of the XL IQ Live you can't do this as there is no memory card slot.

Turning off the Toll Roads is one way to halve any route planning duration that heads through Birmingham using the M6 but other than that there isn't really much else you can do. Turning off the IQ Routes option will speed up planning BUT will produce a sub-optimal route - Mike
IMy problem is that the new TT seems very slow to calculate routes.

Hi, I noticed a similar issue and posted about it here

No real answers or workarounds identified I'm afraid to say - I'm just living with it. I've had similar experiences to the one you describe, where you miss a turn, it goes into recalc, and by the time it gets done, you've missed the next turn, it goes into recalc again, and so on.
One workaround is to downgrade to app 8.419. 8.x apps are much faster.

Just do this step, and HOME will install 8.419, then restart and offer you an update to 9.058. Just decline the second update.

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