new voices are coming soon!

Jan 13, 2009
It say's on Navtones home page: Navtones | Home Page that new voices are coming soon!

It also says check their blog for info, but I can't find any information about any new voices. The message wasn't there a week or so ago so I guess it must be quite new. Has anybody heard anything?

If it's a new celebrity who do you think it'll be? I'm personally hoping they put up a load of character type voices, you know, like accents, taxi driver, sexy... that kind of thing.

If I was a gambling man I'd stat a thread on; "Guess the celebrity, or Style of voices" $10 for a correct guess! But I'm not, so just for fun, I guess an "Irish Voice" will be coming! Anyone else wanna guess?

If it's not a guess and you know something, come on, leak it here.

Im a noob....

while searching the web for voices i have found many. For example.

Homer simpson can be downloaded for free from several places, however he sounds more like a drunk Canadian. (which almost as entertaining as Homer). Does the 12.99 homer voice actually sound like homer?

Just curious if i actually pay for voices i will get good quality.
The Homer offered via TomTom is apparently the legitimate voice.

Be careful of sites offering 'free' voices. Some of these sites are warz where the voices are 'hacked' to make them work ... supposedly.

(besides, how do you know what a drunken Canadian sounds like, eh? :) )
KITT is Coming!

K.I.T.T. is coming! I just checked back on Navtones and they have a) completely changed there site and made it a million times better, b) added new voices for Garmin and c) most importantly let us know that we can soon have K.I.T.T as our GPS voice.

They have a "submit your name" box. I looked into it and it is navtones who with Mio made the "Knight Rider GPS" Check this out: Knight Rider GPS at Saugus Speedway

It's the true voice of KITT, William Daniels. I guess they are collecting names as the voice will even meet and great you as you turn it on. Here's what it sounds like though this was for the Mio thing: KR GPS 30 second spot.

I just registered my nickname but if I told you what that was you'd understand why I doubt it will get in. I'm hoping that when William Daniels goes to record the stuff and it might have somehow just slipped in there!!!

Am I getting far to excited about this? It's KITT, the ultimate talking car. What voice could ever be better then this? I think maybe I am getting too excited. Navtones says it's coming soon but I wish it was coming sooner! I guess I'll just have to keep my scanners peeled.
Yeah, the KITT voice seems appealing to me. Definitely the only one that I might consider buying. I downloaded a free KITT voice from somewhere and it was terrible!
I have typically stayed with the voices offered from the Tomtom site/software. This way I dont have to worry about whether it is hacked or not
I have typically stayed with the voices offered from the Tomtom site/software. This way I dont have to worry about whether it is hacked or not

I know what your saying because I learned the hard way! I only get my voices from Navtones or TomTom now. I guess they are partners as they both offer the same voices. From what I understand it's Navtones who actually records the celebrities, hence being able to submit your name for KITT.

What's the worst voice you've ever paid for? Years ago before I got the real Mr. T, I paid for him through some site I don't think even exists anymore. I guess I was a "Fool." (Sorry!) :D

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