New Tom Tom 5100 very slow to start/respond

If everything fits internally, there's no point in adding a uSD card. It's as fast as it is going to get.

When you say 'slow to respond', do you mean that there's a fair bit of latency when you're pressing 'buttons' on the screen, or ? Is response better once it's all the way awake with a good GPS lock?
The former... there's a fair bit of latency switching on and pressing buttons on the screen.
Once it has a destination lock, its seems to be fine.
If I am understanding when it is you are experiencing this, I suspect you're just up against a horsepower issue early in the awakening of the unit.

Understand that your device starts trying to make the cellular data link to obtain traffic data (and any new 'cloud' based data, if available) even before you start to plan a route. This occurs pretty much right after you power up or resume the unit from a suspended state. So while you're pressing on the screen to get your destination lined up, the device is attempting to make a connection back to TomTom's server in NL, get a GPS lock, and a number of other things all concurrently.

It's my opinion that these newer units with integrated Live services aren't quite as fast as some of the previous generations of Live units. Is that your point of comparison, or are you new to TomTom devices?
As of 2 days ago, its behaviour has changed. Starts up much quicker and no lag. Must have been an update. Happy customer now. :)
Could be that you're getting a faster GSM connection now for some reason. It can be a bit fiddly at times. Are you always starting in the same location?

FYI: If firmware updates are available, they won't sneak them in on you -- they'll be offered by MyDrive Connect and clearly identified.

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