New to tom tom advise before purchase

Jun 22, 2015
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TomTom Model(s)
tomtom go 50
I drive yaris (2015) my dash has intergrated Bluetooth for mobile phone hands free etc, but no sat nav system.

If I purchase a Tom Tom will the Bluetooth interfere with the sat nav from Tom Tom. I am not very comp literate and don't need confusion in my life, but would like a Tom Tom, which one is suitable if any. Was thinking of TOM TOM 50, please advise.



Dec 28, 2007
Colorado, USA
TomTom Model(s)
GO720, GO740TM Live, GO 1535 Live, Via 1535, Via 1605, GO 52, GO 600, GO 620, GO 630, TomTom Bridge
Are you asking whether the Bluetooth transmissions will interfere with the TomTom's satellite reception? If so, no.
If you are asking whether you can get traffic from your smart phone to the GO 50 over Bluetooth at the same time your smart phone is connected to your Yaris for hands-free phone use, the answer should be yes. Your phone should have no trouble supporting two Bluetooth connections simultaneously on different profiles. The GO 50 uses the Bluetooth PAN profile to communicate. Your phone and carrier need to support a 'tethered' connection using Bluetooth PAN (Personal Area Network).

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