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great easy instruction
These recovery mode instructions do not work at my TT Go Live 1005.
I do get the screen with the www.tomtom/getstarted remark and the maintenance toolbox sign, but every attempt to connect to the device just fails. Leaving the device connected has no result either, the application displays : "reageert niet" (no reaction) If left connected the device restarts on its own, tries to connects and mydrive connect redisplays the "no reaction" comment after attempting to connect. ("er wordt verbinding gemaakt" (establishing connection)

The cable, driver etc are checked again and again and are working well with other devices.
Any other ideas on how to resolve this issue?
I really hate to spend another 100 euro on this crappy procedure fix. The problem occurred right after a live services update and I feel kind of robbed.
Pressing the on/off button for a long time just makes the TT produce a click and causes immediate shutdown. The black screen/white text never comes.
Battery is still OK. If left alone the device restarts at its own will and produces the drum roll at irregular intervals all night and day long. Hurray !
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Hold the power button till you hear the drum sounds and KEEP holding the button another 10-15 seconds till you get to the diagnostic screen. Then it is a quick tap-tap-tap within a second to get to the recovery mode.
Thanks for the reply, but as I already mentioned in my post there is no diagnostic screen, the unit just produces a click and shuts down instantly.
Well, try support:

du lundi au vendredi de 09h00 à 17h30

Maandag t/m vrijdag van 09.00 tot 18.30


This is a really great idea!
Thanks a lot for this information !

I really fear to hear the comment that I will have to ship the device for service, but it is a good idea to try this.
Hopefully their first line support people will put me through to really helpful people instead of keeping asking stupid questions and telling about procedures that are well explained here and elsewhere on the net.
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The problem is not repairable online. Will have to ship the device as thought.
I need to say that support was VERY helpful and no stupid questions were asked.
Instead of being sure not to repair the go live I am now hesitating, as support was really ok and sticking with TT looks like a good idea again..

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