New member (TomTom ONE 130S)

Aug 31, 2008
Toronto, Canada
TomTom Model(s)
ONE 130S
Hi everyone! Accidentally came across this forum and found it quite useful. Just bought a TomTom ONE 130S a week ago. Brought it down to Niagara Falls area, both the Canadian and the American sides. Found the gps very accurate at most times, however it did hiccup once. It guided me to somewhere near 13th and Niagara street for Niagara Falls State Park, which is several blocks away from the real entrance.

Oh by the way, the house numbers on the road where my house is are screwed up, the map shows my house to be a block away from where it is. But I guess it is quite common and it is the map's onus, not the gps's.
Welcome to the forum.

Some neighborhoods have trouble with the house numbers being exactly correct. Instead of using your address as your home position, why not use lat/lon to define your home. It's perfectly accurate. I had to do this with mine as well.

Walk out to the front of your house (drive way entrance) and turn on your TomTom. Then... Tap
  • "Change preferences" <right arrow> <right arrow>
  • "Change Home location" <right arrow>
  • to "My location".
This way it uses your actual position via satellite computation instead of dividing up addresses in your neighborhood.

Hope this helps.

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