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May 22, 2009
Thanks for letting me hop aboard.
My ladyfriend got a TomTom One for Xmas. It worked fine til the other day, when it would not turn on.I made sure it was charged up by leaving it hooked to computer all night, & have tried leaving it on car charger all night as well. When you try to turn it on, it does nothing. I looked at " Support " & it stated to hold " on " button down for 15 seconds or more. By doing that, I might hear a " jingle " , but that's all. Nothing comes up on the screen. This does NOT have a reset button on the bottom. I tried many times to get it to start & still nothing. I deleted everything off the unit, & reinstalled, still nothing. Any other tips or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks !
Also, I just noticed that on TomTom Home page,bottom right corner icon,, it does not trecognize that my unit is attached , but units green lite is on.!!
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Thanks !
Just got off the phone with them, & they are wanting it returned. Thanks again for the quick response.

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