New App (9.061) offered for XL-335TM

Dec 18, 2007
South FL
TomTom Model(s)
TomTom XL-335TM; Map 935.5811
Just checked for updates this morning for my XL-335TM. HOME is offering a new app ? 9.061 (38.2meg). Isn't this the app that has caused problems for the XL-540... can't "Operate My Device" on HOME? Maybe I'm wrong.

Has anyone updated their XL-340TM or XL-335TM to this application successfully? Thanks. :)
Always a fool for a New Thing (and a paranoid nutter for imaging working versions), I had a go and this version seems fine.

My 540s TM WTE came with 9.056 which would not "Operate my XXL" and the solution to that was 9.058. I just upgraded both my domestic 2GB XXL540s from 9.053 to this new 9.061 and also the 4GB TM WTE one from 9.058 to 9.061 and all went well.

I don't yet know what I gained but everything seems fine so far with both devices and nothing seems to have been lost.

If anyone has access to the change log, I'd like to know what this was intended to achieve. Maybe it was the official rescue from 9.056 for all those who don't like .cab files.
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I just connected my #2 XXL 540TM unit (I have 2 of these), it had the 9.061 app on it that Operate My XXL never worked before. When I clicked on Operate My XXL, Home said a file needed to be downloaded to use this feature. I did and it did. Everything is working now, mapshare started working when the Feb. map was installed.
I went ahead and updated my TT with the new App 9.061. Seems to be working ok... at least here at my desk. :D

Evidently whenever you update the App, HOME says your unit has to reboot and tells you to tap "Yes" if asked if you want it to connect to computer. The operate my XL is grayed out that first time. I had to "safely disconnect device", close HOME, then reconnect TT to the computer another time. THEN operate my XL wasn't grayed out. When I clicked on 'operate my XL' HOME said it needed to download another utility for this to work. Evidently the utility is a different version than what was needed for my earlier application (9.056). I had no trouble using the operate my XL on version 9.056.

Don't know why, but after reconnecting my XL-335TM, WinXP started looking for another device driver - even though it connected to HOME okay. :rolleyes:

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