Need Power cord with antenna

Jan 4, 2008
Columbus, OH
TomTom Model(s)
One XL
I have a Tom Tom, can't remember the model that uses a mini-usb type connector for power and it features a built in antenna for receiving traffic updates and I believe safety cam updates. The antenna part is no longer working and I don't get traffic updates. The Tom tom doesn't know its there. It use to report that the antenna was there when I plugged it in. I took it to a friend who has the same Tom tom and verified its the cord. I can't find a replacement anywhere and TomTom's website just sends you around an endless loop. Anybody know where to buy one?


They are pricey.

see: USB LT Traffic Receiver - Accessories - TomTom

or: Chargers, Cables & Traffic Receivers - Accessories - TomTom

Then you have this on ebay. Not cheap either; and since you are not purchasing from an authorized retailer - NO warranty.

TomTom Tom USB LT Traffic Receiver XXL 530 535 540 550 - eBay (item 360349150700 end time Apr-02-11 16:48:05 PDT)

Note also that seller states this is so and so unit - but the description below indicates otherwise. But the description does give some other info. Apparently you might be able to use:

a USB Car Charger - Accessories - TomTom

And: TomTom USB RDS-TMC Traffic Receiver Get traffic updates on your TomTom portable navigator at

Although this last looks like the wrong one (might have a 'pin' plug in on one end; and it is discontinued. Best bet: Tom Tom.


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