Need help with BlueTooth DUN and HTC S621 Phone

Oct 20, 2007
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
TomTom Model(s)
Go 720

I have an HTC S621 with WM6 on it.

Today I just got the new TomTom Go 720 and in order for all of the data stuff to work (read my text messages to me, reply to text messages, use the traffic service etc) it says I require Bluetooth DUN.

Is there a way I can setup BlueTooth PAN on the TomTom?

Firmware, Tweak, 3rd party software for either the phone or the GPS?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




you cant setup pan on the 720, however, you can setup dun on the 621. search google for bluetooth dun windows mobile or search on xda developers website. there is a downloadable cab for it. i tried it and i works.

I got it to work... thank you very much I appreciate the help!

Everything seems to be working with the exception of it reading my text messages aloud to me. That might be a limitation of my phone?

Thoughts on that part?

I am now debating wheter or not to use my Phone for traffic updates or buying the FM antenna.

I wish there was a way to test the functionality. It seems you have to pony up the money and if you don't like it.... to bad....

Glad you got it working :)

No point in using the S621 data for traffic here in Canada, I tried it and there is no data...I ordered one of the FM traffic receivers for the 720 and it should arrive soon. This data I KNOW they are broadcasting (I had a Garmin Nuvi 660 with the receiver and it was working - albeit the quality of info kinda of sucks), so it should work fine.
Where did you get the antenna?

I have been searching around but can't seem to find one locally.

I don't mind ordering it on-line provided I don't get nailed with the horrible shipping/duty etc from the US.



Might be a silly question.....

How do you plan on using the antenna? Even with it you are going to need a subscription.

There is no choice for "Canada" in the Traffic Services section when I go to subscribe....

I am warry about buying the antenna and not being able to actually use it.



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