Navigate to Menu tomtom go 300/700

Mar 9, 2013
TomTom Model(s)
go300 go700
Is there a way to configure the navigate to command to take you straight to a page with specific POI Categorys placed on it. ie main menu / navigate to... ( Airports,Beach,Cinema,Hotels, etc).

Cheers PW


On some models, you'll find that after you have navigated to a specific poi, that that specific poi icon now resides on the main page (Navigate to) until you then make another trip to a different poi. THEN, that poi will replace the previous one on that page.

I think that's the best you can do on those older models.
Many thanks for your reply. our company issued our go300 quite some years ago and must have got someone to configure them so that when you hit the navigate to icon the next page was populated with five POI catergories that were specific to locations that the company visit regular and that have been put on in OV2 format and do not move.
Thanks again.


I would be very interested to see that! Any chance of a video clip?

I really don't see how it could be the second screen because it would need to ask if you wanted to navigate to a POI or something else and then to ask if you wanted to go to a POI near you, or near somewhere else. That usually takes at least two screens after the first "Navigate to..." screen.

Please also check on the Go300 with Windows Explorer and tell us if there is a folder caller "sdkregistry" on it and/or any file called "{anything}.mnu"

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