NavCore 9 'Original'

Apr 27, 2011
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ONE XL (v1)
Here is one I like to share with you. I didn't like the default NC7 and NC8 color schemes. I did however like the original 'Brasilia' NC9 color scheme that came pre-installed on the NC9 devices. So I tried to reproduce this color scheme as best as possible. There was already a self-made scheme available called 'Brasilia', but that one is not exactly the same. This one is also not 100% identical, but it is much closer.

See the image below for an impression.



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When you say "Navcore 9 original", which colour scheme name do you mean?

There wasn't a single "original" colour scheme, but there would have been one of the 14 or so chosen for you to start with. I believe that may be different in different countries too.
In the UK we tend to get "Belgica" by default for some reason.
Ah, okay. I thought that all default NC9 schemes were the same. As far as I know, only NC8 and prior NCs had 'Belgica' as the default one. But this is then not the case apparently. The 'default' scheme I was referring to is called 'Brasilia' on the NC9 TT devices. I improved the first post. Thanks for the feedback ;-).


Thanks for the clarification. :)

'Brasilia' *is* one of the supplied colour schemes on both my NC9 and NC10 devices, but it's never been the one used "out of the box" on a UK model AFAIK.

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