Navcore 12.040 for Go Live 2535M

Jun 28, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
Go Live 2535M
Today I did the unthinkable and let TT Home update my reasonably functional TomTom.

It applied the update and froze on the startup screen.

After trying to restart repeatedly, and noting that it chirps twice now whenever I turn it on (???) -- I finally held the power button and let it soft reset. That brought on the drums and a functioning unit again.

Beware -- it may be a little twitchy when you update!

Now, if only I knew what they changed?
The app is 12.035 on the device, 12.040 on MyTomtom. Tomtom once again goofed and misnumbered the website vs the device listing.

I just installed the app, and upon downloading mapshares the device took a really long time at "keep your device connected". I gave up on it, drimroll rebooted, and tried again and it took another really long time, before finally saying "your device is up to date".

I wonder if this was the upload of the huge backlog of mapshare edits I've been making on the device the past year.

I already noticed a number of bugs being fixed:
- The U-turn bug has been fixed!
- All the favorite destination bugs of app 11.x were fixed

Good job Tomtom with all the fixes, and finally launching mapshare...
When you say "response" is reduced, do you mean it takes longer for the device to respond to your presses, or something else? Your 'thumbs up' smiley makes it sounds like a good thing, whatever it is.

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