Napa & San Francisco First Time Out

Dec 23, 2007
Mid-West USA
TomTom Model(s)
One 3rd Edition
I ordered my TTOne from Dell and it wasn't supposed to arrive until February. It arrived the evening before my trip to SFO and Napa. I had no time to test it in my car for a local run.

I hadn't been to the West Coast for about seven years, and I threw in some POI's I knew I needed to find like hotel, airport, and my spouse's relatives home locations. I even took my nephew back to college in Sonoma valley.

With few minor quirks the TTOne worked great. But once you know those it worked like a champ. 1st quirk, it seemed unable to actually get me exactly to a street address. Mostly it was spitting distance and occasionally more like a block, but on the correct street. 2nd quirk, it wanted me to turn left on a street that ended and where only a right hand turn was possible. 3rd quirk, it took me back from my nephew's house a different route than it had led me there. It did it again from Napa, to the Vallejo Ferry on a round trip. Why?

The good stuff happened later in the week when I got totally lost in the fog in Napa City. Ahem, my spouse didn't want to use the TTOne as she claimed to know the way. Well, we got lost deep in a residential area, but the TTOne brought us out of a tangle of streets to the restaurant. Funny how fog can mix up your sense of direction. Finally to SFO airport from Napa the TTOne kept me in the correct lanes as I got off of the Bay Bridge. For visitors this is a bit tricky as it seems easy to end up being forced off the freeway and into the city. I haven't driven that route in years but I had that sinking feeling halfway over the bridge that this was a tad tricky and worse in heavy traffic. The directions from Mr. John Cleese were spot on regarding my trip to the SFO airport :)

So the TTOne isn't perfect. I may hand it off to my daughter and buy a higher end one if other users think I'd get better performance?

Oh, one last problem. It is really hard to see the screen with polarized sunglasses. Do higher end models have better screens?


I would so the higher models have nicer screens. The x20 range has a nice crispy look to it. I even like the night mode how it shines without hurting the eyes. You should check out a store's display model.

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