N14644?? What does this stand for?

Feb 7, 2012
Kingston, JM/Ft Lauderdale, FL
Greetings, folks. Could you guys help a noob out?

I've noticed that a wide variety of TomToms are being advertised as being N14644 models. I already know that this is not the name of the model (even though people are tending to think so). It's printed on the underside of several One models. So ehre's the question. What does it mean?!? Inquiring minds wanna know...
Believe that is the certificate number granted to TomTom to prove the circuitry meets the standards for the models to be licenced in countries such as Canada and the States.
Specifically, the N14644 designation is for TomTom ONE XL GPS devices per Ctick and the accompanying Ctick mark indicates compliance with Australian and New Zealand regulations.
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It's not JUST for ONE XL models, it actually applies to the whole range - just that it specifically covers your ONE XL. Hmm.. I'm reading back, and you didn't specify which unit you have - guess I figured it was a ONE because that's a model where the number is easily spotted on the sticker, and is so often mistaken for a model number of some kind.

Think of it as TomTom's "folio number" for Aus/NZ regulatory for emissions. It's marked prominently on a number of the ONE models, which is why you see it (incorrectly) so often used to identify the unit by those posting here, or on eBay, etc. when selling units, accessories, etc. It's NOT a TomTom part number.
@ Canderson: Okay, I get your meaning now. I don't have a GPS as yet. I'm actually on the hunt for one so I'm getting all my ducks in a row as far as they are concerned. I am 100% certain that I will be getting a TomTom and pretty much sure I'll be getting a One, and somewhat sure I'll be getting a 3rd Edition. But as you see, there is so much misinformation regarding them (apparently not helped by sometimes confusing labelling of the devices). I'm watching a few on ebay but I won't buy until I have all the facts on all the models.

I've been learning a lot though, thanks to you guys. Now if I could find that elusive Optimus Prime voice pack I'd be happy! LOL! Much respect!
Unless you're bargain hunting (or even if you are), I could recommend the XXL540TM right now. It has all of the features of the ONE, a bigger screen, and lifetime map subscription - all for a very reasonable price.
That model seems pretty nice but a bit above my price range at the moment. I see a few on Amazon that are close to what I want to pay, but not quite. We'll see what pops on there or ebay as the time gets closer. BUT...far more importantly, I see where the XXL has the new ring-connector for the mount. I'd be looking for a motorcycle mount for my GPS and from what I can see, it's easier to get a motorcycle mount for the One V3 with the slide-connector. I'm really looking for an entry level model that can serve me well while I'm on my usual vacation to South Florida.

But hang on...doesn't TomTom offer free updates for all models?
No - you only receive a map to bring a unit up to 'current' specs - not a lifetime map subscription - unless you purchase a model with the "M" suffix, indicating that the subscription comes with the purchase price.
But hang on...doesn't TomTom offer free updates for all models?
Updates to the operating system (bug fixes, etc.) are free. Map updates are an extra-cost item UNLESS you get one of the models that includes free maps for the lifetime of your unit. I believe that all of those models have the letter M after the basic model number - at least in the North American market.

Similarly, I believe that in North America, traffic reports are free for the life of the unit only for those models that have the letter T after the basic model number. These models come with a special FM antenna for reception of the broadcast traffic information.

Unless traffic reports are of little value to you, and you have little interest in map updates, the recently discontinued models with lifetime traffic and maps (XXL540TM, etc.) are actually cheaper in the long run than the models that do not include these updates - at least at this moment.

With best wishes,
- Tom -
Okay. Armed with this information, I've been looking deeper around at Amazon and it looks encouraging. I'm seeing the 540TM for close to what I want to pay. I'm gonna have to time this just right and strike as soon as the proverbial iron gets hot. The traffic reports may be of little help to me since I'll be on a motorcycle and a) won't be able to hear them or see them displayed while riding, and b) a motorcycle stuck in traffic?!? LOL. Oh...sorry...my bad...I won't be in Jamaica, will I? Bummer. LOL! I STILL have the issue about the motorcycle mount though. Gonna dig some more to see if one of those can be affordably had. Thanks so much, guys. I really appreciate this!
Update: It's amazing how a little information can yield positive results. I dug around on Amazon eventually found the exact mounts I'm looking for. Now it's just a matter of finding the right unit. I'll keep you guys informed. Thanks again!

Here are the mounts I found that I like (click on the images to link to the pages):

There are all kinds of mounts for these units for all vehicle types. A couple of outfits have been very popular: Arkon and RAM come to mind.
I got a very good motorcycle mount recently, that has a waterproof case for the 4.3" screen TomToms such as the XL


So the device just zips into the case without a fixing at all. Works very well.
@ Andy_P: I actually see these on Amazon and on ebay for some fairly good money, and (truth be told) would be a lot easier to deal with since they don't use manufacturer-specific mounting connectors. You know what would be absolutely perfect? A waterproof case that disconnects from the mount and then I can clip the case to my belt when I leave the bike. Dayum...that would be the shiznit. Anybody know of anything similar out there?
That one does....

See the knurled ring on the mount bit? That's the locking ring for the ball joint. Then in front of that is a plate with two lugs on?
Those two little lugs click into the zip up case, but they obviously decided that they weren't QUITE safe enough on their own on a bike, so they have a little brass finger-grip screw as an extra lock.

But if you unscrew that, you can take the bag off the plate.

Then you could jury-rig some way to hang it on your belt - maybe something like a carabiner and a wire witha tee-bar on the end going through the cable entry hole.

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