My TomTom Go 730 Does Not Switch On

Apr 26, 2009
My TomTom Go 730 is just under 4 months old. I used this during my summer holliday without any problem. Last time used: a couple of weeks ago.

After using this a couple of week ago I tried to switch it on yesterday but it would not wake up. I then let it charge for overnight and tried to switch it again again this morning but in vain. No activity on the screen which remains black (i.e. no power)

I have tried the following methods so far:

1. pressed power on button for lesss than 5seconds before releasing

2. pressed power on button for 10-20 seconds before releasing

3. pressed reset button for 20 seconds, released it then pressed the power on button as mentioned on 1 and 2 above

4. pressed reset and power buttons simultaneously for 10-15 seconds, and released the buttonsit then pressed the power on button as mentioned on 1 and 2 above

Just a note that green light does appear during charging through the USB).

I am hoping to get a solution to this here or else I will contact TomTom support and try to get it replaced. P.S. Anyone had an experience with repair/replacement from TomTom? I am in scotland, Uk.


If it is under warranty, just call UK support and let them send you the appropriate packaging for a RMA.

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