My 510 freezing: fixed with new drop of maps

Oct 27, 2007
Just thought I'd share my experiences in case they help anyone else.

I have a Go 510 refurbished, bought from Woot. The label on the bottom identifies it as a 710, but apparently the hardware is the same.

While taking it on a trip to Oregon, it froze up at odd times, often when I was browsing the map. On the way back home, it froze up and rebooted continuously while we were stopped for gas in Woodland, WA. So when I got back home, I used the map browser to go to the city center of Woodland, WA, and sure enough, it would freeze every time when I moved to certain zoom levels. Probably there's a map segment or feature that doesn't show up at all zooms.

I sent email to TomTom and they recommended clearing the internal flash memory using the utility from the web site, doing a soft reset, and rolling back to software 6.02, then back up to 6.525. I did all those things, and it still froze in Woodland. I then took some of the advice on the forum and formatted the flash card and used Home to copy over just the software, the US & Canada maps, and some voices. Still froze.

So I called them, and a very nice tech support person said they'd seen this before with refurb units where they got a "bad" set of maps. She set up the "new" maps on my account, I downloaded them and installed them on the card, and all was well.

The "new" maps are still the older maps, version 6.65, but the file is a slightly different size, and I assume they fixed the data problems that were causing the freeze.

I'd be curious if anyone else can repro the freeze in Woodland, WA. It's easy to repro - just go to map browser, Find, Address, City Center, Woodland WA. Then zoom in and out a bit, and usually if you've got the bad maps it'll freeze solid in a few moments, followed by a reboot.

Thanks to everyone here who posted fix suggestions for other people. I learned a lot reading about other folks' issues and fixes.



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