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Apr 9, 2016
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Hi all, I recently relocated to Ireland and I have a tomtom via 135 with the latest map installed.

My map is Europe.

I live in a small town of Dublin South, called Dun Laoghaire and (first problem) in my town the only one street recognized is "Dun laoghaire City Center".

Second problem: today I wanted to go to Dundrum to visit a very famous shopping center, which is 6km away from Dun Laoghaire and surprise...the only one Dundrum recognized by my map is a city 160km away from Dun Laoghaire.

Now guys: I can understand that having the map Europe you can not have an high level of detail but this Europe map for Ireland is Not decent.

Question: IF I buy the Uk&Ireland map will my issue be fixed? does uk&ireland map is more detailed than europe? can they be installed both on my navigation at the same time?

You have version 965 on your device? UK&Ireland will not contain more detail than Ireland on a full Europe map.
If you're in the middle of a bunch of other smaller towns just SE a bit from Dublin, I see lots of streets. Or is there more than one Dun Laoghaire?
I cannot speak for current maps or devices as my Europe one on the GO Live 1535 is 14 months old but it does show 58 roads.
There may be a lot missing as I could not plan a route from Tolka Quai, Dublin to Cross Ave or Northcote Rd in Dun Laighaire (note to we North Americans, pronounced Dun Leery).

That said, I don't think the town has more than that number of roads and TomTom possibly uses their Irish names. Nope checked with a few instances; not a question of language.

BTW, Joe, the town may be small but in the late 80's it was the only place in Ireland to sail to from Holyhead but I went back from Rosslare Harbour to Fishguard for the roundtrip.

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