Mini USB Wire Code

Oct 26, 2007
Welland, ON
TomTom Model(s)
TT One 2nd Gen
I am looking at hardwiring my TT One into my Car and would like to know what the Wire code is for the mini USB Cable i want to buy a mini USB cable, cut off the other end and wire it into my car.


Careful!, your tomtom need 5 volts. Your car puts out 12 volts. You will burn out your tomtom if you hook up direct. The tomtom car power cord has a voltage regulator that cuts the voltage down .
Ah your right thank you i didnt check that :( oh well. I just dont like having a tree of 12V plug-ins i Have TT, sirius, Radar Detector and so on :(. Thank you for the info

You could buy a cigarette lighter 12 volt to USB 5 volt supply, open it up, and hard wire the lighter end into the car's 12 volts. These are really cheap on eBay. That's what I'm planning on doing.

If a straight mini USB connector is awkward in the place where you plan to mount your TomTom, you can buy a 90 degree mini USB fitting, also available on eBay. Search for "Razr USB angle" (without the quotes) and you'll probably find a bunch of them for about $2 plus the customary exorbitant S&H.


Here is a mount kit that has a wire you can hook directly to your car. But you have to use the mount. PDAMODS store: Tomtom One V2 Dashboard Flex Mount, Tomtom One Version 2

If you want to build your own follow this diagram.
Simple 5V power supply
parts are available at radio shack. Be sure to enclose it, it will get hot.

one the usb cable the red wire is +5V pin 1 and the black wire is the ground. pin 4. the white and green are data- and data +. pin 2 and 3 respectively.
Great info thanks, do you know how much current a TomTom draws when hooked up to a 5V supply?


the usb monut being down that low looks extremely dangerous to me, having to look down all the time. does no-one stock a straight car - to - usb mini lead that i can directly hardwire in

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