Menu Rolling

May 15, 2011
Vancouver Canada
TomTom Model(s)
GO 630
I have had a Go 630 for just about a year. I have driven all over the Western States and the Go 630 has made no mistakes. Just a few days ago the map disappeared and the menu screen started rolling and the satellite bars showed up with the message configure. These screens went away when I tapped on Done, but quite often the maps disappear and reappear only after tapping Home Location.

Does anyone out there have any ideas what might be going on. Appreciate any help please.
Apparent weird screen taps often are caused by dirt under the bezel. Slowly run the sharp corner of a business card around the complete perimeter of the screen.
Thanks for the info DHN, I'll do that and give it a try.
"I should mention that the Menu Screen and Satellite Screen apppeared without any action from me".
Menu Scrolling

Hi dhn:

This is weird. I did clean out the bezel as suggested and everything worked fine for about an hour, then the menu scrolled again as did the satellite bars re-appearance. After many taps on the done button everything did come back to normal again.

It's unfortunate the one year warrantee expires today and I'm out of town - and my purchase receipt is at home.

Anymore ideas? Again, thanks very much for your help.
I'm sticking with the "something under the bezel" theory, or possibly if it's very hot the bezel itself could be flexing?

Try taking the bezel off completely for a while and see if that helps.

I'm assuming you DON'T have a screen protector film of any sort on there? Because those create the same sorts of havoc when they dry out and shrink fractionally.

EDIT... Sorry, I see you're from Canada... I don't think it ever gets hot there does it? :D
(I'm in the UK and I've got a jumper and my extra thick socks on today).
Menu Scrolling

Regarding the bezel theory; I've been driving in the heat in Southern California and Arizona the past 2.5 months with the air conditioning on. When I arrived back in Vancouver I turned the heat on.
I have my 630 attached to an air vent just above the radio, now I'm wondering you maybe right about the bezel drying out because of the heater blowing directly onto the back of my 630. It's quite warm today, so I'll try it with the cold air coming through.

My next question is, if I need to remove the bezel, how would I do that?

Incidentally, I thought the UK was having some nice weather. Depends where one lives in the UK I guess.

Thanks for all your help guys!
I assume the 630 bezel comes off the same as the 730 and 930. You take something like the end of a dull knife between the area below the bezel and the case, and gently pry the bezel up there to release the two 'clips' (part of the bezel, actually) from the case, and the bottom releases all the way across. Then the top pops out.
Hi There!

I just would like to update my "Menu Rolling" problem. Two weeks after following through with the "bezel theory, I would like to say I haven't had any problems what-so-ever.

For example, I took the Ferry between Victoria and Vancouver, and mid crossing, I decided to turn the GPS on, and to my surprise it was tracking my progress in the open sees. It even showed another ferry route taking off to one of the smaller islands.

Needless to say, I'm more than pleased with this 630 model.

And thanks again for all of you guys who walked me through the process to rectify the problem.

All the best :wave:

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