Mass address to coordinate conversion - for TomTom?

Nov 3, 2009
I subscribe to a POI source. I don't recall how he converts the addresses to coordinates, but the source that he uses, can show the POI a block or so off, when used on a TomTom (or Mio, for that matter). Is there a way that I can take those POIs (csv) and mass convert those addresses to the proper coordinates to match the addresses on the TomTom?



Sep 19, 2006
TomTom Model(s)
Go 510
If you mean to convert CSV file to OV2 (TomTom POI) so you can use for your TomTom then a program like POIEDIT , can help.
You can Google for it.
There are several CSV file formats though, is it Garmin ? The most flexible program to handle several CSV formats is MS Streets & Trips but that program is not free, and it doesn't support OV2. You need another program to do that.

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