Maps Spinning like CRAZY!!

Jan 29, 2008
Not sure if anyone can help me... BUT... I own a version of TomTom Nav 6 for my HP 6510 and it works PERFECTLY.

(I also own a 910 and its a great unit too, except it randomly dies, prolly from being dropped too often by gf)

I have taken the SD card from the HP and placed it into my car's internal GPS module, which runs Windows CE, EVERYTHING works perfectly (after some messing around with TomTom Customer Support) HOWEVER, once I started driving, the maps starting spinning around like crazy, every 4 screens it shows the correct location, all the others I believe are random.

I think its because the heading nav point is out (it constantly changes), but I have spoken to TomTom and they have said it is unsupported hardware. I know it works and I am SOOO close... The settings I have it on is 'other GPS module' ' COMM Port 2' '4800 Baud' anything else and the unit stops responding.

Anyone have ANY ideas? Any way of solving this? Any suggestions?


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