Maps for XL IQ Routes 2 - Noobee question

Feb 1, 2011
I am the 'proud' owner again of a TomTom device having splashed out on a new XL IQ Routes 2. This has 2Gb of internal flash but alas no SD slot.. It is pre-installed with UK and Full Europe map of which I have made a full backup / restore on my PC using TomTomHOME.

anyway, some questions.

Next year I will be going to the USA, so I want to buy the USA map..which is about 1.5Gb will obviously not fit on the device alongside the current map so my question is:- Can I remove / delete the UK map from the TomTom and install the USA map for the journey, and then when I return to the UK, delete the USA map and re-install the UK one.
I assume the purchased maps remain locally on your PC and you simply use TomTomHOME or file manager to delete / remove the currnet map folder on the device and then TTHome to install the map you want?

With flash memory so cheap I don't understand why they can't stick 4Gb in the unit anyway

Thanks in anticipation of replies.



Oct 1, 2007
Toronto Canada
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Welcome to TTF.

We suggest STRONGLY that your backups be made using Explorer, not Home.

After that is done, you can copy your existing European map folder to the computer and, after making sure it is there, delete the specific map folder from the unit and install the purchased US_Canada map you've purchased.

When you return to Europe, reverse the process..... Move the USA_Canada map to the computer and return the Europe map folder from the computer to the unit.

Yes, you can use Home to do all this but I trust Explorer to do it properly.......

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