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Dec 3, 2007
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TomTom Model(s)
GO 2505M, Go 520
I thought I have a GO 2505 but now My Drive calls it a GO 1001? Anyway, I can no longer update the maps as the U.S. map is too big and this unit does not have a memory slot. I can update parts of the map but not the whole thing. The problem is I live in Colorado and use it to travel to Las Vegas and St. Louis. The maps are divided perfectly so that I can't use one map for either location. I doubt that the unit can utilize two separate maps for a destination at the same time (i.e. start the trip in one map and have the destination in another.) I hate to buy a new TomTom so I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to attack this. When I turn the unit on it always complains that my map is over 18 months old and wants me to update. The map in there is the last one that I know of that will fit the unit. I've deleted everything in the TomTom except the map, the voice, and my start up wallpaper and shut down image. I have lifetime maps on this unit, so getting the maps is not an issue. I'm open to any suggestions. Thanks
I'm afraid you are in a corner with that device. No expansion and both required zoned maps won't fit on the device at the same time. Maybe time to consider a new model. Most come with lifetime maps and all include card slots for map expansion.

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