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Oct 1, 2007
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Tomtom has released the new spring maps, version 890, on May 23. We created a new thread here for discussion on these new maps.

- Factory installed devices: installed by the manufacturer when purchasing a car
- iOS devices: iPhone, iTouch,iPad
- Tomtom HOME devices: have an application version 9.x and earlier
- MyTomtom devices: have an application version 10.x and later

In general, MyTomtom devices were launched in Summer 2010 or later, and include the following models:
GO models with digits that start with a 1, 2, or 8
VIA models (all of them)
START models with digits that start with a 2 or a 6
Sony XNV

All other PND models are Tomtom HOME devices.

If you have a Factory Installed Tomtom device: There are usually unique processes for updating these maps, that vary by make and model year. We recommend contacting your car dealer for instructions, although they may redirect you to the Tomtom customer support phone number.

If you have an iOS device: The Tomtom app for iPhone/iTouch/iPad does not allow separate map updates. Usually about a 1-2 months after the map is released, Tomtom will release a new app version, that includes new features and a new map. If Tomtom follows historical practices, the new version 890 map will be released with Tomtom app 1.11 in July 2012. Keep checking for updates in the App Store.

--- The remaining steps in this guide apply only to Tomtom PND units and aftermarket in-dash units. ---

Before you update your maps: We recommend the following steps to prepare yourself, prior to a map upgrade:

1) Make a backup. With any change this big on a Tomtom, it's always a good thing to back up first. We recommend performing a backup as instructed here.
2) After your backup, upgrade to the latest app first. Earlier apps had issues with map installs, so you should update your app to the latest version before attempting a map upgrade. To perform an app update, follow the steps here. When prompted to update, you may be given the choice of an application update and a map update at the same time. Do not choose the map if offered (uncheck the map checkbox), instead choose and install the Application and/or Navigator downloads only. Repeat these steps until no Application and/or Navigator downloads are offered for download. Then you can proceed to install your map.

How to download your map:
- Maps must be downloaded via Tomtom HOME or MyTomtom, depending on your device. You can install Tomtom HOME from this link, and MyTomtom from this link.
- If you already have the applications above, make sure you've updated them to the latest version. To update Tomtom HOME, select Help -> "Check for HOME update" in the Tomtom HOME menu. To update MyTomtom, make sure the "Tell me when updates are available" checkbox is enabled in settings -> general, and it should alert you to updates.
- If you have issues with the HOME update, these steps can usually fix them. DO NOT attempt the steps without making a backup of your Tomtom first.
- If you're device has been used for less than 30 days and you haven't downloaded a map before: You should get a free map under the "Latest map guarantee". To use this guarantee for Tomtom HOME devices, open Tomtom HOME, and go to Tools -> Latest Map Guarantee. Latest Map Guarantee should automatically be offered on MyTomtom devices if eligible.
- If you have a new Lifetime Map device, or a device with an included map subscription: The first time you upgrade maps on a Lifetime Maps model, you need to activate your lifetime/subscription code. For Tomtom HOME devices, go to "Use my Activation Code" in Tomtom HOME, and enter the maps activation code included in the slip in your box. For MyTomtom devices, click "MyTomtom" on the taskbar icon, then click the green MyTomtom button on upper right of the webpage that opens up, and choose "Use my Activation Code". This only needs to be done once, Tomtom assigns the maps subscription to your email address, so in future quarters you can follow the steps below. Please note: Tomtom had been having problems accepting activation codes from some models. If you follow the steps above and your code is not accepted (or if you have purchased a lifetime model and didn't get a code in the box), you will need to call Tomtom phone support. They can manually activate your lifetime/subscription maps if you provide proof of purchase.
- If you have an active or lifetime map subscription:
- For Tomtom HOME devices: open HOME, log in with your email/password if not auto-logged in, and go to "Update my device". The new map should be offered automatically for download.
- For MyTomtom devices, myTomtom should alert you to the availability of new downloads. Accept the update on the MyTomtom icon and subsequent webpages, and it should download the map.
- Otherwise: If you want a new map you have to purchase one. Go to From that website, you can buy a single map, or you can buy the "map update service", which bundles current and future maps for a discounted price. Note that purchases are processed through Netherlands servers, so you often pay more than the quoted price due to foreign credit card fees. Also, you may need to call the card company first and tell them you plan to make a purchase from a Netherlands website, so that the charge won't deny.

Issues to consider when updating maps:
- You may need to disable your antivirus. Tomtom has increased anti-map-piracy efforts, and newer models run all transactions over a secure link. Some antivirus software (notably Kapersky) attempts to intercept the secure link to scan it for viruses. When Tomtom recognizes it's link has been compromised, it aborts the update.
- Reserve enough time for the map update. Maps are up to 3GB in size, and can take a long time to install. You'll need time to download up to 3GB from Tomtom's servers, and then you'll need an additional 20-60 minutes to copy the map from your computer to your Tomtom.
- If you try to download when everyone else is trying on May 23rd or the following weekend, the download could take up to 4 hours due to server congestion. Also, it may abort due to the overload. If it aborts, go to "update my device" and the download should resume from where it left off
- If you're device has app 8.x, you'll lose favorites and settings after the map update. To restore them from your backup (as recommended above), follow these steps, and then follow these steps.
- Sometimes with app 9.x, looking up a POI or address will keep crashing/rebooting your Tomtom immediately after updating your map. To fix this, open Tomtom HOME, run Operate my Device, and look up the same POI/address on the Operate my Device emulator within Tomtom HOME. This will permanently fix the problem (at least until your next map update).
- Inevitably, something breaks for certain models in the map update process. If you have an issue, check out this thread, to see if others are reporting a similar issue, and if anyone has found a workaround/fix.

How to install maps to an SD card:
If your Tomtom has an SD slot, you can use your own SD card to install maps.
The following models support a max of 2GB SD cards:
- GO Classic, 300, 500, 510, or 710
- ONE LE, ONE 2ND edition, ONE New Edition, ONE XL
The following models support a max of 32GB SDHC cards:
- GO 520, 720, 920, 530, 630, 730, 930
The following models support a max of 32GB microSDHC cards:
- GO 540, 740, 940, 550, 750, 950, 1005 WORLD, 1015, 1535, TOP GEAR, CAMPER/CARAVAN
- VIA 120, 125, 1530, 1535, 1605
- START 20, 25, 60
In all cases, make sure you upgrade your application to the latest version available (see above) prior to attempting to use the SD slot.
- For models using Tomtom HOME: 1) Turn off the Tomtom, 2) insert the SD card, 3) turn on the device (it's OK if it gives an error), 4) connect the Tomtom to your computer, and 5) open Tomtom HOME if it doesn't open automatically. Make sure you perform the steps in this order.
- Depending on the Tomtom model, HOME may or may not prompt you to choose "internal" or "external" when if opens. If it prompts you, choose "external" to install onto the SD card.
- Also, on older models, HOME may prompt you to install an application. If so, accept the installation before installing your map.
- When the above steps are done, install your map via the "How to download your map" steps above.
- For models using MyTomtom: 1) Turn off the Tomtom, 2) insert the SD card, 3) turn on the device, and accept the device's request to format the SD card. (Due to patent restrictions, Tomtom was forced to use it's own custom filesystem for devices that connect to MyTomtom, so it must reformat your SD card into its proprietary filesystem before use. This means you cannot keep non-Tomtom files on the same SD card.)
- If the Tomtom reports an error in formatting the card, take it out of the Tomtom and format it in Windows. When formatting in windows, change the allocation size to the smallest possible size. Then reinsert the card in the Tomtom and re-attempt a format.
- After the card is formatted, connect the Tomtom to your computer, and follow the steps above under "How to download your map". With MyTomtom devices, you cannot control where MyTomtom installs the map. It will always install to the device's internal memory first if there is space, and only attempt to install to the SD card if internal is full. To see where MyTomtom installed your map, click on the green "MyTomtom" button on the MyTomtom website, and choose "Manage Content".

Also, see TT's announcement about North American Zoned maps for some 890 models here:
Hi all,
Today we have released map version 8.90 for download and purchase.

This map version introduces Map Zones for the North America map (Canada and US) for the following devices:

GO Classic | GO 300/500/700 | GO 510/710
ONE | ONE v2 | ONE v3
ONE (30 Series)/125/130
ONE XL | XL (30 Series)/330
XL Black Edition
Eclipse (AVN 2210p / 2227p)|Toyota (TNS400)|

For more information on how to purchase, download and install the new map, read these FAQs:
How to purchase map

Installing map through TomTom HOME.

Installing map through MyTomTom.

Installing new map to SD card.

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