Making "map corrections" on the ONE... problems

Nov 29, 2007
I live on a street with a large, government-installed gate separating the north from the south end. My address is "A" street. On the other side of the fence is "B" street. On a map, there is no physical barrier separating "A" from "B"-- it looks as if you just keep on driving, "A" turns into "B". However, like I mentioned, the transition from "A" to "B" is stopped by this large gate. Garmin maps don't see this barrier, nor do TomTom maps. Whenever I'm driving anywhere, I HAVE TO drive on "A" and then go around the next block, but on paper, "B" is much shorter.

Today, I decided to make a map correction on the ONE, saying that the northbound direction of "B" is blocked. This change was apparently accepted, but when I tried a new route to test whether or not the ONE would now start the route from "A" (which I simply have to do), it began to "analyze" millions of roads. I just let it sit there while it went though 5 million roads, but before anything could happen, the unit seemingly reset itself. When it turned back on, "B" was still blocked, but it still took forever to find a route. Is it normal for the unit to go thorugh millions of roads just after you change a single thing? Anybody else have problems making map changes on your own unit?


I'd report this one to TomTom via the web site.

Put together a simple test case starting a couple of blocks from the point you want to test. Record the starting location so you can give that to TomTom in your report.

Once you get it into the system they have to respond. You may not like the response but respond they will.
I think I have this figured out. It seems someone else tried to put up the gate or barrier/roadblock and probably shared with with MapShare, but did it a few houses further south than it really ie; ie, further south than I live. The gate is really to the north of my house, so when I blocked off the north side (where the gate really is), I seemingly locked myself into a 50 yard strip of road with no way out.

What I need TomTom to do is to undo the roadblock that's already in place. It's really silly because when I try to go from my house to the end of the street (on the south side), TomTom currently has me go north, then make about 3 right turns in a full circle to get there. Anybody have the link to how I can contact TomTom? There's a space for "corrections" on the TomTom itself, but I don't think I can type that much on this unit... too difficult. thanks
Okay, it turns out that a small strip of my street from addresses 562/563 to 584/585 was blocked out in both north and south directions. I was able to unblock both directions and everything looked wide open again, but whe it came to routing, the TT still seemed to bypass the newly unblocked area. I then tried to go from my location (433) to 565 (which lies inside the small strip that was previously blocked, but now apparently open), and it says "no route found". Anything before 562 will allow me to go directly from 433 to that address, and anything higher than 585 will force me to go around the "blocked" area, and anything in the 562-585 range has "no route" or doesn't exist.

I can't figure this out. I confirmed and re-confirmed that the previous roadblock is now removed in my unit and traffic is free to move in both directions. I want to contact TomTom to fix this (annoying), but I don't know how.


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