Making a map correction

Dec 4, 2009
I have a correction to make on my ONE 125 SE. However, I can't quite get it to recalculate a good route. The route says to make a left, but that street is not a through street. And the destination is on the other end of the not-through street. The street has the same name on either side. And the impasse is not a temporary one.

I thought the correction would be to create a no left turn. But it?s actually OK to make a left turn. The street just doesn?t go through. What the route should do is go past the original left, make the next left and go around the block; and approach the street from the other side. Any ideas how to make this correction or who else to contact for this type of help?
Thanks, Tom.
dhn, that worked, thanks. But I'm wondering if that's a valid map change that I should submit, or if it's just for this particular route; because it's OK to make a left on that street. It's just that for this particular route, making a left won't work. Thanks, Tom.
Then opt not to share the change. That way, YOU won't get routed that way..........

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