Lost password (have bill of sale and tomtom home backup)

Mar 5, 2009
Hi all,

I appreciate there are many illegal requirements for password 'removal' and hence would request the actual method is not posted on this thread.

I have a tomtom go700 inherited from my late father in law. I have the original bill of sale and the software including back up (inherited his laptop as well). As I remember all back-ups had password protection as he had his last unit stolen!

I have contacted tomtom and can send the unit back to them to remove the password... however I am travelling to France next week and they cannot guarentee the return by then. If there is an easier method I can employ from the knowledge of forum users that would be appreciated, as stated, I can supply the original proof of purchase, my late father in laws death certificate (copy obviously) and anything else required to prove this is a genuine request.

I will supply my personal email address so the information cannot be used for illegal to anyone who can legitimately help.

Many thanks in advance.

Regs John


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