Looking for HAL 9000 voice.

Dec 30, 2006
TomTom Model(s)
Go 910
I'm looking for Douglas Rain (HAL 9000) as a nav voice. Anyone have the resources to point me in the right direction for finding this.

EDIT: Oh yah FYI- HAL 9000 is from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey
also looking for hal 9000

How is your seach for a hal 9000 voice going? I myself would like to get that one as well as the robot from "lost in space"

Anybody have any luck with finding Hal? I would love to have it on my device as well ... would go great with my splash screens, lol.
I'd be interested too. I'll look more into it this weekend (ie. not from work). Searching TT Home i found some, but not in English.
The real Douglas Rain turns 80 years old this year. I somehow doubt he still sounds like he did in 1984 when he last performed the HAL character (for 2010). Perhaps you would settle for an alternative?
Me Too!!!

I have been looking for the past few days for "HAL". That would be so good to have. "Turn right, Dave"

I hope we can find something close.
2001 voice

Believe it or not i just bought my tomtom today and after looking myself for the HAL voice and coming up empty handed i deceided to make my own. Just finished it tonight butt im having some difficulty getting it to run and even after i do i may have a few bugs to work out of it but i will post again when it's finished and share with all.:D
I want HAL voice

I will buy a tomtom just for the HAL voice. lol.
Atm I have this rubbish Sony satnav I got for free and I do want a better one.

But I think having the 2001 HAL voice would be awesome.

Please someone, reply to these posts with a solution to all our problems. lol
Hall 9000

I'm late to the party, but I also would LOVE Tom Tom to get a Hall 9000 voice. Darth Vader is pretty cool but Hall would be AWESOME :thumb:!!!
Installing HAL 9000 may create some problems. If you fail to follow its instructions, or suggest out loud that you should turn it off, it may ask you to stop the car and get out to check the tire pressure and then lock the doors and drive off without you.

Dave: Unlock the door, HAL.
Hal: I'm sorry Dave, I cant do that.

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