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Mar 28, 2011
West coast of Canada
TomTom Model(s)
GO 730
Not exactly a new user, been using the GO 730 for about 8 months. I bought it for work because it has the built in MP3 player - which works 'ok', and is good enough for work. (local radio is lame)

What i'm trying to do is give TomTom some money and update the thing. I've been trying for 6 months, and I consistantly get an error.
I spoke to TomTom via email, and they said it was either that I hadnt cleared my cache, or my profile had become corrupted - and I should delete it and create a new one.

I did both. I still can't update it. I can't say they make it easy for me to pay them. Now i'd just like to find a coupon or something I can buy that will allow me to do an update manually, if that even exists. TomTom tech support was not helpful, and the "an error has occured, report to TomTom Anonymously" is perfect.

Anyone else have this problem updating?
I've tried on 2 separate PC's:
Windows 7 Pro, Tried on Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3.6 and 4.0
XP PRO SP3, Tried on Firefox 3.6.

This is the error I consistantly get:

ERROR: 236/#https://community.tomtom.com/payment/initiatePayment: Error from server: %2AIT payment server returned an unexpected error%2A
%2AIT payment server returned an unexpected error%2A
Error code: 236
URL: https://community.tomtom.com/payment/initiatePayment
Additional information: info = [object]
info.func = [string] payment/initiatePayment
info.args = [object]
info.args.deviceSerial = [string] J42140I02300
info.args.pragueSerial = [string]
info.args.deviceCapabilities = [string] ASR ArrivalSounds Bluetooth CarSymbol Caymann Documents Durham ExternalModem GPRSEngine HDTraffic Handsfree HidRemote HomeBackup IPOD InternalFlash Itinerary Leeway LinkVolumeToNoise MP3 MapOverlays MapShare Microphone MusicPlayer Newyork NotAutomotiveEmbedded PhoneFeatures PhotoBMPViewer PhotoJPGViewer PhotoViewer PlusBuddies PlusDownloadDynamic PlusDownloadGeneral PlusDownloadMap PlusDownloadPOI PlusDownloadRingTone PlusDownloadScheme PlusDownloadUpgrade PlusDownloadVoice PlusEphemeris PlusFixedSafetyCameras PlusFuelPrices PlusMessageNotification PlusMobileSafetyCameras PlusOnlineCamera PlusPushChannel PlusRoadConditions PlusTraffic PlusTripReporting PlusWeather Prague RDSTMC RichPOI Ringtone SDSlot SMSSupported SmsReceivedSound StartupImage SupportGetAMap SuspendImage TTS TTSCompressed TTSLoquendo700 Traffic VoiceBrowser VoiceRecording WarningSounds screensize=480x272
info.args.deviceParameters = [string] {"ApplicationVersion":"9982","ApplicationVersionVersionNumber":"8351","VehicleBrand":"","VehicleModel":""}
info.args.items = [string] 1300058,1300109
info.args.productlist = [string] 1300058,1300109

info.method = [string] POST
info.useCache = [string] false
info.dryRun = [string] false
info.xmluploadbody = [xml] <initiatePayment>
<content idurl="http://id.tomtom.com/map/north_america_2gb/high-end-c?version=850.2781" certificate="North_America_2GB-161.meta.dct:BAAAAFDmMFBDzAJRMazkNDQd1Pmbsxt7ZREvk5zfNUlPpeLZbG28LPXSKm+OpWhglfxlXx/F1Pifnt4rhUZURuvvMB6znNwRigUHPd5m5wgqn23dKr2c1oFMftVLI2SkqVfZOqI4P5pjNxhSlr5jyEYKM0dMAZXG4cTC66p7m33R8YUJ,"/>

Severity: 1105
0. chrome://tthome/content/logic/comm.js:468
xmluploadbody: this.xmluploadbody
1. chrome://tthome/content/logic/comm.js:430
2. chrome://tthome/content/logic/comm.js:277
this.request.onload = function() { me._done(true); }

Time: Mon, 28 Mar 2011 02:25:50 GMT
Thanks Aiken! I would tend to agree with you except I dont get that far. It fails at the point where I think it should be asking for payment information. At the Checkout level, I click 'pay now' and then that error comes up.
Might be easier to call their 866-486-6866 number and tell them what you're trying to do. You're not the first to run into payment problems. See if they can take direct payment (never tried that) over the phone, and "push" the map to you as an update through Home.

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