Larger speedometer tweak?

Dec 21, 2007

I'm having great fun using my TomTom6 on my HTC P3300 PDA/phone. I've even successfully mounted the suction-cup car-holder to my Leitra velomobile (

My only gripe is that the little speedometer in the corner of the display is a bit too small, and can be unreadable unless the road is very smooth.

Does anyone know of a 'tweak' to enlarge the speedo display (or move it to another section where that display container has a larger font setting)?

Or perhaps there is a known 3rd-party program to display speed based on the GPS built into the PDA?

And lastly, as a developer, I'm not afraid to jump into writing code for the device (though I'd rather not 're-invent the wheel' if possible), so tips and pointers on development frameworks useful in pulling GPS data from TomTom or from the device hardware itself would be greatly appreciated (assuming there are no existing tweaks or programs).

Thanks for your time!



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