Known unresolved bugs - find a workaround and vote for your most important bugs here

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Dec 19, 2008
Boston, MA, USA
TomTom Model(s)
GO 2535 LIVE, GO 1535 LIVE, GO 740 LIVE, Go 930
All, since Tomtom appears to be reading this forum, and in hopes of helping Tomtom prioritize their problem resolution efforts, I am setting up this list as a way for people to vote for their most important bugs.

How to vote:
>>> Vote Here <<<

Please reply to the thread in the link above with your most important bugs, and rate each from 1 (little importance to you) to 5 (very important to you). Also, if the bug is specific to a particular Tomtom model, please note your model number.

About once a week, I'll edit this list with a tabulation of everyone's results. Hopefully, someone from Tomtom is reading this, and will consider the votes of this community as it prioritizes its fixes.

A couple of ground rules:
- Only report functionality that doesn't work properly, or that was removed/disabled since the initial product release. I set up a separate thread for voting for new features here.
- Only report unresolved bugs. Don't report issues that have been resolved in the latest software/map for a device, or that can't be permanently fixed by reformatting/resetting your Tomtom. I'll remove items from the tabulation as Tomtom resolves them.
- Only report bugs for software released in the last 2 years. If your device hasn't had a software update in 24 months, it's probably orphaned and not likely that any bugs will be fixed.
- If you're not sure if something is a bug, please post a separate thread asking for help first. To rule out hardware issues affecting a particular device, I'll only post issues that have been reported or confirmed by multiple members.
- If you see another idea you like, vote for it too. I'll count total votes when I tabulate totals.
- I'll default to a rank of 3 if not specified.
- If you change your mind, reply to the thread with a new post with all your votes again. I'll replace all your old votes with the new ones. Please don't edit an earlier post as I may not see it.
- Don't include map data errors, there is a separate thread for mapshare updates here. Feel free to report systemic problems with maps or routing.
- To prevent spamming, I'll only tabulate votes from members who have made at least one non-spam/non-intro post somewhere on this forum, between 15 and 120 days prior to voting. New members, please wait 15 days after a prior post before voting.
- Only report bugs with applications released in the last 2 years. The goal of this thread is to hopefully get Tomtom's attention to fix issues, and I doubt Tomtom will spend time on 2-year-old software.

Here are the current vote totals:
Weight Rank votes...Bug Description
__15______5______3___traffic auto-reroute doesn't reevaluate original road if detour has no incidents(see this link)
__14_____4.7_____3___IQroutes not storing historical road speeds that are predictably slower than 10mph (see this link)
__12______4______3___tomtom will not route across 20mph road class(see this link)
___9______3______3___shift key does not do caps in "Operate my GO" text input
___8______4______2___Map abbreviations don't match TTS engine (eg: Map "Br" = bridge, Loqueno "Br" = branch)(see this link)
___8______4______2___track name does not change when next ipod song is played, unless exiting/returing to music screen
___8______4______2___Bluetooth calls randomly cut off
___7_____3.5_____2___custom menu and voice command buttons sometimes disappear on app 10.x
___7_____3.5_____2___volume changes on the slider are sometimes ignored
___7_____3.5_____2___"Current day" in Weather is UTC day, not local day
___6______3______2___Destination pane blank after showing "home-work" traffic.
___5______5______1___Canadian map store is not working
___3______3______1___pin code is reset upon map upgrade
___3______3______1___car symbol resets when using "Operate my GO"
___3______3______1___MyTomtom mislabels the GO 2505 as a GO 1005 when using Canadian English or French
___3______3______1___Road assistance in Canada ends up calling Europe
___3______3______1___Phonebook entry with a pause causes duplicates during each pairing
___3______3______1___No way to undo an always avoid blocked road setting.
___3______3______1___Sometimes autotune for RDS-TMC doesn't work, but manual-tune does on app 10.x
___3______3______1___RDS-TMC antenna sometimes disappears on app 10.x
___3______3______1___0% volume on the main screen equals 10% volume on the settings screen
___3______3______1___Quick screen taps on app 10.x are sometimes ignored
___3______3______1___App 10.x does not display 2-letter state in voice control screen
___3______3______1___Cannot tap info nor phone in the location preview screen
___3______3______1___"Unable to load page" crash in Canadian French(see this link)
___3______3______1___peference to auto-return to driving screen from music screen does not work
___3______3______1___Latest Map Guarantee innacurately says "no newer maps available" on older models
___2______2______1___bad start time when using itinerary planning after a plan route(see this link)
___2______2______1___Weather reports metric unit rainfall even when US/Imperial distances are selected
___0______0______0___postcode navigation shoud not require street number
___0______0______0___Operate my device emulator shows only UTC time
___0______0______0___speed limit alert occurs at 2mph over custom-set speeds, not 5mph
___0______0______0___"input not recognized" when attempting spoken address cross streets
___0______0______0___remote center button does not pause music w app 8.35x
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