Keep 720 or upgrade to 740 Live?

Right now I have a 720 that I've had for a couple of years. I was looking into upgrading the maps, since I haven't done that since I've owned the unit. As I was in Best Buy today, I saw that I could get a 740 Live for $119 on clearance from $299. That's not too much more than just buying a map upgrade. Considering I could use the map guarantee to upgrade the map, is it worth it to upgrade to the 740? What are the main differences between the two? Any information and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


The 740 does not have fm broadcast or mp3 functionality. After 3 months free Live service subscription, you pay $10/month to maintain it.

The 720 has a sdhc slot, the 740 a mini sd slot for expansion, if desired.

You are correct that the price is hard to beat when compared to the cost of updating maps for the 720. Mind you, you can get a map subscription (18 months for the price of 12 months) for the 720 at a reasonable price.

The 720 appears to be 'orphaned' in the sense that TomTom has not made an application update for it for about a year, it seems, and is not likely to.
Does the 740 have a line-out where you are able to have the audio play through the car's speakers? Also, even though it has no mp3 player, are you able to control an ipod through it like in the 720?


The 740 only plays iPod music via a specialized dock and iPod cable. Those are hard to find these days, even on ebay.

It doesn't play mp3s at all.

The dock has a line out jack, the 740 doesn't come with line out internally.