Is Rider 400 still supported?

Jun 12, 2024
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TomTom Model(s)
Rider 450
I plugged device via USB into my MacBook Pro (M2 Sonoma 14.4.1) and downloaded and ran Tomtom HOME. The device was not recognised. I didnt get past the "plug in device" point.
It's not looking very promising.
If this device still supported? The website (when I log in) tells me there are two map updates outstanding, but I have no idea how to get them.
Any help please?
Tomtom Home is not compatible with the rider 400 you must connect to Mydrive connect.
Home hasn't a clue what a Rider 400 or 450 is. Those are "Nav4" devices, two generations past where Home would recognize them. You'll need to use MyDrive Connect to talk to your two Rider devices.

OK, I tried MyDrive Connect and it said that "servers were busy", like it has done for the last few weeks.
Well, that was a surprise. I used another mac to install and run MyDrive Connect, and ... it worked. I did notice that I had to accept cookies as it started, so I guess the reason for it not working on my mac was some malingering cookies plus slack programming from TomTom in letting them matter.

Any road up, it's SOLVED.

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