Icon request - Subaru Forester 2012

Jan 24, 2013
TomTom Model(s)
GO 930, GO 1015
Please help me with Forester icon for GO 1015.

You seem to be doing very well yourself!

All you need to do is put a full red (255,0,0,) background around it and re-size it to 80x80 pixels.

Which you do first depends on what "art" software you are using. basically you DON'T want to have any anti-aliasing switched on, otherwise a lot of the red pixels close to the car will get turned to "nearly red" and then they will show up as a red surround once it's on the TomTom.
Lots of nice pictures of cars here.... I think you have had this problem before (recently) haven't you dhn?
I think we can safely say IE has "issues".... :lol:
Thanks for comments.

I use Paint.NET 3.5.10 (at work). So, all above pics saved in PNG format with deleted background around the car.

Well, now I need to adjust background (from nothing to red) with turned OFF anti-aliasing and re-size to 80x80.

By the way, should I convert it (save as..) *.bmp or it can be *.png or *.jpeg ?

P.S. I use Mozilla Firefox 18.0.1 and see "white" around the car.
dhn, no problem. Did not find attachment option at first.

P.S. You may delete your above post and this due to both are off-topics
By the way, should I convert it (save as..) *.bmp or it can be *.png or *.jpeg ?

TomTom's own "Create your own content" guide (here) says:
Creating a car symbol
1.Create the image to a size of 80x80 pixels.
2.Give the image a red background (RGB 255,000,000).​
3.Save the image as a 24 bit .bmp in the art\cars folder of your device.

But I think that was written some time ago, I suspect the new NAV3 models can also accept other image formats now.
Thanks for this, I might grab it for myself, just want to see if I can change the grey to blue (I've got a blue 2011 Forester).

One question, though. If the background has to be red, this means that the TT will turn red to transparent when the icon is installed. Won't that make the taillights disappear?
For the TomTom to turn the background to transparent, it has to be "perfect" or "full" red i.e. RGB values of 255,0,0.

If it is any other sort of red, (even 254,0,0) then it will show as the normal colour.
Brake lights are very rarely perfect red all over.

When you are making an icon, you need to turn off things like "ant-aliasing" or "feathering" in your paint program, otherwise when you fill the outline with perfect red, it will slightly blend the pixels at the edges with the car itself, so they are no longer perfect red and that causes the visible red fringing you often see around the edges of badly made car icons.

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