I Will Never Buy TomTom EVER!

Jan 9, 2012
TomTom Model(s)
GO 630
I'm a computer technician and people usually come at me with problems. They ask for help with their devices and being from Macedonia believe me there are a lot of customers or friends asking for really simple stuff. But when I see them with a GPS Device 95% of the time is because they want Macedonian language installed. Well unfortunately most of the big GPS brand don't have the Macedonian language available, but most of them have some balkan language like Serbian, Croatian or Bulgarian which are very similar to Macedonian and people are usually satisfied with that.

But TomTom doesn't offer support for ANY balkan language?! Is this discriminating or what? Why would they not care about such a large mass of people and yet what's even more interesting is, people still buy TomTom's the most! I usually suggest them not to just because of this reason, and because TomTom doesn't even care to update the map of Macedonia. There is only ONE Regional road in the Macedonian map and thats it!

Well unless someone finally wakes up and realizes that balkan is a great market to cover, I will continue to convince people NOT to buy TomTom devices and get an IGo or a Garmin instead.
Posting here is ok (one rant per customer, please....) but since we are not affiliated with Tomtom the company, your concerns are not being heard in the Netherlands.

Have you contacted TomTom directly with your concerns....??
Sorry I was pretty much upset at the moment and your forum is very professional looking, I really thought it is official :)

Sorry about that, I would have contact them directly, but I really don't care that much, it's their loss anyway.

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