I need help immediately - GO630 won't find maps, need for trip! "No Maps Found"

May 22, 2010
I just bought a GO630. I've used it a couple times but finally connected to my computer to get the updated maps and satellite points, etc.

I tried to download all the updates, but it gave me an error saying I didn't have enough internal space (-13 MB). I thought, well I'll just put in an SDHC card. I did and it asked to select the device and I selected the SD card and clicked continue downloads. Now I can't get the GO to work.

When I start up the GO630, with or without the SD card, it says "No Maps Found", and I can't navigate anywhere because it will say select maps, but I can't select any.

I have a feeling it installed some content on the SD card and some on internal memory and now it's all screwed up. How can I fix it?

I need it for a trip tomorrow!...

Thank you



Oct 1, 2007
Toronto Canada
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1535 LIVE; Via 1605; Go 50; Go 520
Don't suppose you made an Explorer backup prior to the uodates???

In any event, when you connect to the computer (not Home), use Explorer to see what's on the sdhc card and what's on internal.

Are loose files (not in any folder) on internal or the card or both?

Where do you see the North_America map folder with files in it, internal or card? Do you see a file with the extension of .meta.dct in the NA map folder?

Report back.


Sep 23, 2006
Is it possible that you installed a bootlegged map? If you installed a bootlegged map, it might not work. If you did install a bootlegged map, and it will not work, then nobody here will help you install a patched firmware to make the bootlegged map work.

There are many ways that maps could be bootlegged. That can not be discussed here, however I think it is OK to point out the possibility of "accidentally" bootlegging a map. This could be done if you have 2 or more TomToms and accidentally backup the wrong map to the wrong TomTom. (for example, I have 2 TomToms, I purchased the updated map for only ONE of the TomTom's. If I accidentally copied that onto the TomTom it will not work, it will say NO MAPS FOUND.) This has actually happened to me, but for a different reason. I had one TomTom 720 with a broken Screen, and one with a bad circuit board. I had my map on an SD card, and combined parts from the two TomToms, to make one working unit. (the mismatched working unit will NOT use the updated map, to the serial number embedded in the circuit board.) Due to this self-repair, the serial number inside does not match the serial number outside, or the serial number embedded in my SD card, on the updated map. My solution for now is to continue to use the outdated map that is located on the internal memory.

If you did this by accident, because you have two TomTom's, then make sure you have installed the correct Map for each TomTom on each Device. The easiest way to do this is to let TomTom home handle the work, and NOT do any of it manually in your Windows or Mac OS.

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