How to view/dlete map corretions?

Apr 10, 2013
Sydney Australia
TomTom Model(s)
I have a tomtom xl classic.

I was mucking around with map corrections and made a few changes. How do I see/undo the changes I've made?

Also, how do you see the review the corrections made by other users?



To remove changes:

With the unit connected to Home, Home's Tools Menu-->TomTom Mapshare-->Remove Corrections.

Changes you make to the map on your device that are done on the first page of changes will take place immediately on your map. You can see the effect by doing a route demo to or through a location for which you made a change.

You can't really see the changes made by others or a list of them.
There should be another couple of ways to 'temporarily remove' corrections.

If you want to keep your own corrections but remove other people's, then with the unit connected to Home on the PC, go to Home's "Tools" menu, then "TomTom MapShare" - "MapShare preferences".

From there, you can select a "trust level" which at the strictest setting should have the effect of hiding any corrections from other owners (but not TomTom themselves) but should keep your OWN corrections in use.

If you ONLY want to remove your corrections, then I think it's the file called UserPatch.dat you need to delete.

In more detail:

Downloaded MapShare corrections from other people seem to be saved in 3 dat Files; 'ServerNameIndex.dat', 'ServerLineIndex.dat' and 'MapServerPatch.dat'.

For a user's own corrections, it seems that a file in the map directory called 'MapUserPatch.dat' refers to changes in another file (in the root directory) called UserPatch.dat which actually contains the details of the changes.

If you delete either file they recreate themselves but if you do not have a matching pair you seem to lose the changes.

Before now, I have removed the root directory file which removed all my changes. When I restored it, my changes were not visible again until I also restored the map directory file.

It also needs to reboot after copying the files before the corrections become visible.


Ref ones own corrections: Was just looking around at some recent posts on this subject, and would remind about the file in the map folder called MapUserPatch.dat. That's also the file that gets nuked (since the map folder is literally replaced entirely) each time a new map version is loaded... which is why they go away when you install a new map.


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