How to save a copy of newly added POI's?

Oct 24, 2007
Has anyone here found a way to save or export the new POI's that you add to MapShare?
I just added my "free" map update (no number required) to my TT1-V3, and sadly all the POI's that I have submitted as new mapshare POI's have now disappeared...:confused:
I tried restoring the mapsettings.cfg file that the TT site suggests, but it only restored my Favorites

OR, found a way to export the "new" POI's that have been added/submitted to MapShare (and NOT yet approved by TT).


Oct 25, 2007
San Francisco Bay Area
TomTom Model(s)
One V2
In the future, you do not need to post your same question 3 different times under 3 different topics. The moderators, and frequent attenders, on these boards do a very good job of getting back to people and answering questions.

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