How to provide us with a picture of your own car

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Feb 11, 2011
London, UK.
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We often get requests for an icon of a particular model and colour of car.

Usually this won't already exist as an icon, so you have to make one yourself, or as a last resort, ask if someone could make one for you

To help us to help you.... Rather than us having to trawl the web to find a suitable picture to use, please try to find one that you like yourself. It needs to be from behind and slightly above, as that ends up looking best on screen.
If you find one, post a link to it in your request post (or add it to the post itself with the paperclip icon - details below) and we will have something to work with.

Unfortunately, good pictures of the backs of cars are often quite hard to find on the web - there are plenty of pictures showing the front or a view of the side, but not many of the back.
So a much better way is for you to take a photo of your own car. Again, take it from behind and slightly above (e.g. from an open upstairs window) for the best results.

Then, add your picture when you post your request, either by putting it up on a photo-sharing site and giving us the link to it, or by adding it to the post itself by using the paperclip icon - like this....

1. Take the picture (or 2 or 3) on any camera, and use whatever method you usually use to get it onto your PC as a .jpg file. You need to get the file size down to around 145KB max, so you will need to select the lowest picture size you can on your camera, or you may need to open it in any art program you have on your computer and re-size it to around 640x480 pixels (the program "Paint" that's on every Windows PC can do this if you don't have any other).
2. Start writing your request on the forum and then select the "paper-clip" icon at the top of the "Post reply" window.
(don't use 'quick reply' as the paper-clip icon won't be there)
3. In the pop-up window that appears, put the filename of the picture into the "Upload File from your Computer" box (Use "Browse" to find it).
4. Then click "Upload" and wait for a message to appear to say it has uploaded successfully.
5. Repeat for any more pics you may have.
6.Now close that pop-up window
7. In the main reply window, go to the paper-clip icon again and click on it. This time you should see the filename of the picture(s) you just uploaded. Click on it to add it to your post.
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