How to Install POI Alerts

Feb 21, 2007
Toronto, ON Canada
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ONE v2
How to Install POI Alerts

POI alerts only work for custom POI’s that are installed on your TomTom device. Refer to this thread on how to install custom POI’s. Once you have installed the custom POI and want a corresponding custom alert follow these instruction.

I will be using the Red Light Camera alert as an example to keep the theme I used in the How To Install Custom POI thread. (Credit goes to Pedro2NR for the alert)

1. Download the custom POI alert on your desktop.


2. Right-click the file and select - Extract to RedLight Camera\


3. This will create a folder on your desktop like so:


4. Open the folder and you will see a *.ogg file. If you see a *.mp3 as well, that is for sampling purposes (thanks to Skizza). The sample file is included in case you want to hear the alert and don't have a player that can play *.ogg files.

Take notice of the filename as it plays an important part in the next step.


5. Copy the *.ogg file to your map directory containing the Custom POI. In my case, I copied it to my North_America folder.

IMPORTANT: You need to rename the *.ogg file to match the custom POI you want the alert for. So, I renamed RedLight Camera.ogg to Toronto, Ontario.ogg because my Red Light camera POI is called Toronto, Ontario.


6. That’s it. The custom alert has been installed.

How do I enable it?

1. Go into the Changes Preferences> Mange POI>Warn when near POI


2. Choose the POI with the custom alert


3. Enter the distance to how far you want to be warned


4. Checkmark warn POI in route


5. To make sure the alert is enabled, tap Warn when near POI and you should see a speaker beside the POI


How do I test the alert without actually going through the route?

You can simply choose a route to the POI that has the alert and run a demo. When you come close to the POI, you should hear the alert play.

To run a demo first navigate to the POI, then go in the Main Menu>View Route>Show Demo Route. I found that choosing a value anywhere between 300-450% depending on the route is fast enough to wait for the demo reach the POI and slow enough for the warning to be heard/spoken.
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again, i only had the machine for less than 6 hours when i first posted.

now, upon learning more, i see that when i connected the XL, it shows up as a drive letter on my win XP machine.

i see there is a USA_and_Canada folder with the .ov2 and .bmp files.
I am having problem with putting in the distance for the POI i can put in 250 meters but when i press DONE it doesnt do anything i have my OGG file in the same directory as my Custom POI and same name but it doesnt let me finish the setup.



I am having problem with putting in the distance for the POI i can put in 250 meters but when i press DONE it doesnt do anything i have my OGG file in the same directory as my Custom POI and same name but it doesnt let me finish the setup.


Hmm...I'm wondering, what firmware version are you using? NavCore 6 or 7?
Report Safety Camera Feature

Hi. I just got a TT 720 and it has a button for "Report Safety Camera". I tried to add a location and went to choose from mobile to fix and the other options in the "advance" section. Then the unit would say that it has been reported.
My inquiry is, how do you use this info and display it as POI and comes with an alert?

You can add menu 'Add Position to Favorites' to the 'Quick Menu'.
While driving hit the 'Quick Menu' , 'Add Position to Favorites' (only 2 keystrokes, much less dangerous !:D )
Back home add that Favorite to a POI Category.
Great. let me try that option. I know you can do this but How will you use the feature of "report camera location" and use it as a regular POI? Thanks.


Would you like a seperate POI category for Camera locations?
You can make your own POI category and add each location as you see them by using the Browse Map and add going through the add location as a POI.

AFAIK, the Speed Cameras on the TT aren't really characterized as a regualar POI category.
I just did the "Add New Favorite" by using "browse map" and added to my "new poi category", this is fine.
What I was wandering is, what is the use of the "Report Camera" option for after reporting it? Where does it go? How will you use this info?


installing alerts for Factory installed POI's

IS there a way to add POI alerts to POI's that are installed on the TT like it comes with rest stops. I would like to put in a alert from the website. I know you need to rename the alert the same as the POI file name but what is the file name for the factory installed POI's or where would i find it on my TT.
hi all
weird thing,when i install the ogg file and dont name it .ogg it wont give me any sound options but when i use the .ogg it gives me the bell and stuff options but no custom one,i have a i doing it wrong?thanx


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