How to disable the speed display on XXL 550TM

Mar 9, 2012
TomTom Model(s)

I recently updated my XXL550TM via TomTom Home and now I notice that the speed display cannot be disabled and that the driving view section which displays the speed switches to red on occasion.

Is there any way to disable displaying the speed? I truly do not use that feature as I have a speedometer in my vehicle. :D

I just updated my 350 XL and have the same issue. I can't find any option to disable it anymore.
Do the x50 models not have a setting in the "Status bar preferences" for "Maximum speed"? Wish I had an x50 model to look at right now...
Yes it does have maximum speed however that selection only displays the current speed limit. I also have it deselected and current speed is still displayed.
Ah, when you said "...driving view section which displays the speed switches to red on occasion." I assumed you were talking about the addition of the speed limit number to the display - which in turn causes things to go red if your displayed speed exceeds that displayed number (at least when TomTom knows what the local speed is).

As for shutting down your own speed display, I'm not sure how that's done on a x50 model.
Correct. I would like to shut off the speed display and inhibit the color change. This is superfluous information that I do not need from a GPS device as the vehicle I am driving also displays similar information.
Came here looking for information on this. Hopefully they will allow this to be disabled in a future update. Very distracting when the color changes to red. I might put a piece of black tape over this section of the display but I do like the clock being visible.
That's the point, isn't it? To catch your attention that you are driving faster than allowed?

Just sayin' ...........
I agree the color change is very distracting. I'm not sure what benefit TT thought there would be in implementing this useless feature.
That's the point, isn't it? To catch your attention that you are driving faster than allowed?

Just sayin' ...........

But if I wanted to be distracted, I would opt to change the setting in safety preferences to warn me when exceeding the speed limit. TBH I am not sure what that setting actually does because I have never set it. I have my sound turned off and do not like having any distractions from my TomTom when driving.
I am of the same opinion. I purchased the TT to provide me with GPS guidance and directions only. If I required additional "features" I would enable those options from within the menu. Some people by electronic devices for their primary functions and not for the additional and superfluous "reminders". I think I will be looking at other manufacturers for my next GPS purchase.
Am I alone in believing the current speed numerals have ALWAYS turned red when you're speeding. The only user-option was whether you also had an audio alert.

So I think the only change is that the patch behind the numbers is turning red rather than the numbers themselves.

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