How to correct a false underpass? Or can't turn left-right.

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    You might find on your map some street that goes under another one but it real life it dose not. Here is a way I found to correct it directly to your TT and be effective right now for you and if you mapshare it woould be available to others.

    1. Go on browse map, locate your wrong place.
    2. Zoom + to maximum to that place
    3. Try to click on that little section that goes under the other street, you will notice that is will change color to
    4. CLick on the position signe
    5. A window that maby you never saw will appear, click on Exact position (bottom right) it is a glitch I believe you end up in map share.
    6. Click block-unblock street.
    7. Block both way.
    Test it: aquire a signal, then click point A to B, then choose streets that try to go from one to another that where passing by that street error, you will see if it is fixed.

    That is it, your tomtom will bever ask you again to to through that place. I notice on my map many error of that kind, I saw that problem with other user too, so it is probably a flaw in all maps.

    It can also correct one way street that is seperate by a quay level and dose not turn left or right on another street, instead of waiting that TT correct that REPORTED dose not turn left/right his map you can do the same process by yourselve by blocking it,

    I hope it will be usefull, and will end up as a sticky.

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    feejo, Mar 31, 2008
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