How do i get rid of the loops into town on the planner

Feb 20, 2024
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TomTom Model(s)
Trying to plan a route and when picking a town to go past it take me off the motorway and then back on - driving me bonkers - if you drag the route it doubles it ? if i delete the point the whole route goes into meltdown ? example below
If you are planning a route from A to B that takes you on the highway and you add a point that is not on the highway it makes it normal for me to leave the highway as you show in the picture.

Plan a route from A to B without adding a waypoint.
Trouble is if I want to follow a specific route that’s not the one they suggest - in this case it’s taking me down a tunnel if you just put the start and end in - there is another route that’s longer which I want to go on unless I can pick points on the map I guess not in the towns ?
don't add a city.

After planning your route from A to B, right-click where you want to go, then add it to the route.
This always happens to me when driving to London along the M1. If I follow the sat nav instructions it takes me off the MI around a ring road and back on to the M1. I think it's an old diversion for roadworks that hasn't been deprogrammed from the map and has actually been incorporated into all updates. I also drive in Thailand and when driving TO Udon Thani airport it takes me through the congested city. However when traveling FROM Udon Thani airport it's dual carriageway all the way back, avoids the city completely.
I blew up the roads on the computer and clicked the roads outside the towns

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