HOME2 version a compulsory Update.

I have attempted to download this update and it starts to to do back up then download...comes back with fault and endsthe update. Tried my laptop and exactly the same thing happened. I am trying to get my latest mapupdate and can't.
any ideas.
What errors exactly does it show? Is it during the download or the installing phase? And you are referring to Home, not MyDrive?
Most likely Home, given he's showing a 930T.
Tom Tom home. It downloads then goes to install...appears to be working then returns with unable to download not updated.
I think what we're trying to sort is whether it's Home that is 'not updated' or some subsequent item for your 930T that is 'not updated'.
With no device connected, if you execute the current copy of Home on your PC, do you see the systray icon down in the lower right?
Tomtom Home 2 runs icon is on bottom corner, no device connected,connect tomtom,
Application update required, click update my device, version 8.351 needs to be downloaded,has now downloaded and installed to device..however when I run tomtom home it still showing device not connected even though though update has been loaded, and can't access map download.
OK. So it sounds like Home did update. To be sure, fire up Home, and double check your version number:
Help / About Home
Should read version for Home

If you're good there, then we can focus on the problem of updating the unit.
While Home is running, and with your 930T connected and running, VERY gently press the reset button in the bottom of the unit with a paperclip or similar. That should force a reset of your unit.
Once booted from the reset, your 930T should appear as an external disk drive to your OS, and Home should recognize it.
Reset worked, now recognised on computer,tried to update map.
Back up...error occurred,Unable to create files required to copy this item to your computer.Download not started because of earlier failures,likewise install to card,
Finishing installation. I
I take it you have sufficient disk space on your PC? Remember that the 930T holds two continents worth of maps -- you've got a 4GB unit there.
I always make a back up to computer using method described..On memory last update last year said not enough room on unit for map (876mb free).I have 4gb card in unit...April update installed to card no problem.
However I thinks this is the proble,...4gb card has following file structure
TomTom scr .jpg

Folder e, when clicked refers to a location not available and the rest don't make sense either.
Card has 1.36gb available
OK. Here's hoping that what you have is a data quality issue between the device and the PC. I've seen directories before that look like that.
Quickest thing to check -- and I am assuming you really mean 'card' and that for some reason, you have moved your data to an SD card -- If you have a card reader on your PC, us it to review the card content. If it looks normal that way.
Then check to see that you are using a good cable. Try swapping with another similar miniB USB cable.
Last, if an actual PC, try using one of the rear USB ports rather than a front one.
have checked card and found problem...last update computer installed on to card, have now updated card on laptop with all updates.
TomTom files structure satnav looks like this...Have tried to copy card contents but not enough space. Not able to copy this lot of
files to a folder...how do I solve this...do I format tomtom and copy files or does this remove base map as format on a garmin would do.?
tomtom files.jpg
What a mess!
First - I'm still curious about one point before we forge ahead. What was the reason for having so much content on an SD card? Had you run out of room on internal memory? I just need to sort what was previously being stored in internal memory and what was being stored on the SD card and why so we can put things back as you had them. If what you show above is representative of the content of your SD card, how does the 930's internal memory look at this point?

Do you have a recent backup of your two (Europe and North America) map folders on your PC from a point in time at which things were working properly? If so, the reformat won't pose a problem, and we can let Home reload all of the firmware. But it's critical that we find map copies somewhere on your PC.
Home and PCs decided on a update last year that I did not have sufficient memory and that I would have to remove a map.I took the U.S. Map and backed it up to computer then installed it onto a card. In the April update home/computer decided I still had insufficient memory..so installed map on anther card which is where we are now. The Europe map which I have managed to update fully today is on a 4gb card, the U.S. Map is also on a 4GB card, and also backed up on computer.
For info the Europe map on card is 3.62GB

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