HOME doesn't recognize everything on my One 3rd ed? can't add/remove stuff?

Jan 5, 2009
Southern PA
TomTom Model(s)
One Third Edition
okay, so I'm perplexed... I bought the One 3rd ed. this past weekend, and I'm dying to put some new voices on it...

After a long and complex process that required me to install an old version of HOME and then let it update itself, it seems that HOME doesn't work right for my machine. When I click the button for "See what's on my TomTom", first it showed the map as taking up something like 800+ mb, then later times that I tried it, either doesn't list the map, or it shows nothing and says "No items found."

When I tried to download voices, it said there was no space on the machine. Fine, I understand, this one has no card slot so you have to work with the memory that's there. But when I went to remove the French voices, it wouldn't let me, saying something about the files being incomplete. So I can't put any new ones on.

Finally, when I tried to back up the unit to my hard drive, I got an error right away. (Guess I shoulda checked to see exactly what the error message was, huh? oops. i was kinda frustrated and just closed HOME.)

So far, the GPS
works perfectly on the road, but HOME has done pretty much NOTHING that I wanted it to do. Am I missing something? Will version 1.6 work for me? I'm pretty sure it's still available on the TomTom site...

or is it possible to just add/remove stuff using Windows Explorer?

thanks in advance from a noob who really wants to like TomTom...


(I posted this first on the General Discussion board, then I noticed that this board might be a better place for it...)


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