hide next street names

Dec 23, 2008
change preferences/street name preferences/show next street name = un ticked.

So why does it insist on showing me the next main road (not the small streets) at the top of the screen ???

Even the guy at TT customer support couldnt answer this one and he was trying it on his 720 (same as mine).
Please don't post your question in more than one thread. I've deleted the duplicates. Hopefully, someone with a definitive solution will see this and help you, sooner or later.

May I ask if you have any of the street naming options checked?
apologies for the duplicate post, it wasnt clear to me where to ask the question. :)

The only street names I have ticked are "Show street names" and "Show current street name on map" -- Yes, I have tried unticking them.
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I don't know whether this will help but you can try to run the clear flash tool found here. Sometimes assists when settings don't 'take' within the unit.

You won't lose any information by running it.
The usual first procedure is pin reset, run clear flash tool, backup and reset to factory defaults. Have you tried all those?

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