Help - XL 330 cannot update

Dec 9, 2012
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:(i have owned my TT for almost 2 years and until now have had no problems. In the past 4 weeks i have tried to download updates to my TT XL 330. When i try to update TT an error comes up and tells me it cannot update as there is a file missing. I have contacted TT tech support and they are no help at all. They tell me i must buy a new map. Can anyone help me?

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Possibly, but you need to tell us what the error message is!

Dos it mention what file is missing?
What are you trying to update anyway?
Help-cannot update

Hello Andy;
going through the update process until it tells me there are 2 updates, Quick GPSfix and Map Share. This is exactly what it says. A problem occured while managing your files. TT Home could not create folder. C users Rob Documents Tom Tom/ Home/Backup, Due to the following reason. There is a file missing. There is a number if you would care to have that?

The missing "file" may be the key. Home shouldn't be accessing your "backup" folder at all during a Quickfix and Mapshare update. It seems to think that you have a prior backup in the location specified and is fussing that something is missing from that backup (which could be true, and is why we do not recommend the Home backup procedure).

What I would so is make a backup of your unit using our procedure (not Home) from the following link, then delete any content inside the C users Rob Documents Tom Tom/ Home/Backup folder that may exist there now, then try again.

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